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How to Use DEPICTO

1. Get the Macromedia Flash 7 Plug-in.

It's really fast and easy, we promise. And you'll be able to see a lot of other really cool stuff on the Internet that you can't see without the Plug-in.

2. Upload images.
You and your friends can upload up to 10 pictures per DEPICTO Project, up to 3MB in size. DEPICTO will resize them automatically.

3. Know the power of your tools.

Art Buttons (Draw, Undo and Text)
Go easy on these, as erratic clicking can slow things down and aggravate other participants. And nobody needs more aggravation, right?

Add Images Button
You (and your friends when they're Depicting with you) can add up to 10 images per Project.

Eraser Button
This deletes the most recent steps, regardless of which user made them. So be careful deleting other people's artistry!

Share It Button
Once you've sent an email to your friends' proper email addresses, they'll get an email from you telling them to come check out your handiwork and chat. They can also just keep the email and view the goods later. At that point they can make their own additions and invite you to join them! Also, you can invite everyone you know on the planet to look at your masterpiece, but only 4 can chat at once.

Save Button
This saves the DEPICTO Project with everyone's additions and subtractions, not your original image. So please keep your images on your computer for storage!
Also please know that if you're outgoing enough to share your Project with friends, they can add to it and resave it with their changes. If you want to permanently save your DEPICTO creation, use the "save' button and choose the "save image as file" option. Note that this only saves the currently selected image.

4. Use it legally!
DEPICTO is designed for individual use. Commercial use is not allowed and heavy-duty performance is not guaranteed (see our complete TERMS OF USE).

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