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Depicto news announcements

April 25, 2005
We started our blog-like page that talks about latest news in online photo management, comments on picture sharing developments, offers reviews and comparisons of photo web sites, explains the basic steps of using web services to make your digital photography more enjoyable.

April 22, 2005
We are developing a Flickr "bridge", which will allow members of the popular photo upload web site Flickr (recently acquired by Yahoo), to log in to their Flickr account and retrieve pictures to use in Depicto collaborations.

April 4, 2005
The drawing tools have advanced even further. Now web artists can create shapes and straight lines in millions of colors. We have improved accessibility for multiuser collaboration and added some refinements to the logic of conferencing.

March 7, 2005
The latest Press Release announcing DEPICTO launch is posted. If you write about digital photography or review new web tools, it might be helpful.

February 15, 2005
The DEPICTO website and service are officially open.

January 8, 2005
The DEPICTO service is live!
It's still in beta, but it's fully functional.

Depicto ongoing updates

You’d think that such an innovative way to instantly share and deface pictures would surely capture the attention of the press. And, hey! – you’d be right.
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2004 Cannes Lions Daily talks about core technology behind Depicto:

Cannes Lions Daily festival article about Site4view and it's technology

writing about Depicto

DEPICTO is a consumer-oriented web service that opens a new and unique form of online interaction - shared-screen viewing of images, drawing and chat through any Flash-enabled browser. Users upload their own photos or use existing stationery.

DEPICTO was created by Site4view Lab, an interactive studio founded in 2000 in downtown NYC. Site4view Lab develops advanced web-hosted solutions for advertising, photography, arts and entertainment.

For complete company info, send a request here.

Press releases

April 25, 2005 press release in PDF format

March 7, 2005 press release in PDF format

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